Autobrite Tyre Gloss Dressing 500ml



Autobrite Tyre Gloss Dressing 500ml

Product Description

Autobrite TyreGloss is a cherry scented, gloss dressing for tyres that leaves a glorious shine to all rubber surfaces. You can control the look of your tyres by product application, apply a little for a satin finish, apply more for a high gloss finish. It leaves a stunning finish to your tyres and is water resistant too!Tyregloss is one of our first products we released into the car care market and many valeters & detailers still swear by it today. Used in many different industry environments, Tyre gloss certainly gets the job done! A durable tyre dressing that leaves a lovely sheen. Tyre gloss can be used on a regular basis. The product enables precise application and minimizes the risk of “product sling” thrown onto the adjacent body panels. Treated tyres will retain a rich gloss black finish that will last wash after wash for many weeks.

Product Features

  • Leaves a glorious shine to all rubber tyre surfaces
  • Control the look of your tyres – from satin to gloss
  • Water resistant
  • Durable and very easy to use
  • Cherry scented


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