Autobrite Large Spoke Wheel Brush



Autobrite Large Spoke Wheel Brush

Product Description

Cleaning your alloy wheels effectively all the way through to the inner rim can be difficult, this task can can be further complicated by elaborate wheel designs or the physical size of the braking components. The Autobrite Direct soft bristled wheel brush can help !

Although a larger style brush, the soft non-scratch bristles can compress to reach those hard to clean areas between narrow spokes and between the wheel and brake discs on most vehicles. The large bristles of the brush also allow a degree of cleaning to be carried out on the rear of the spokes by gently angling the brush as you clean. Pair this brush with one of our specialist alloy wheel cleaning products to achieve a flawless result everytime.

Instructions for use. We recommend using a gentle approach to cleaning your wheels with any type of wheel brush, taking care not to trap the tip between the discs and backing plates as this can damage the brush. Check regularly for signs of wear to the end cap covering the core of the brush, if any degredation can be seen consider a replacement. For improved cleaning ability consider applying product to the brush as well as the wheel surface. After use clean with fresh water and leave in a dry place.

  • Full Length – 45cm
  • Handle Length – 25cm
  • Brush Length – 18cm
  • Soft bristles
  • Rubber core protector cap
  • Perfect for your wheel barrels



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