Autobrite FAB Upholstery Cleaner Cleaner 500ml



Autobrite FAB Upholstery  Cleaner 500ml

Product Description

FAB is a powerful, high foaming fabric upholstery cleaner & stain pre-spotter that removes dirt, grime and water marks from all fabrics and hard surfaces. FAB will clean all carpets, roof linings, door cards, dash boards, seats and all plastic trims with ease from a single spray and wipe. FAB removes dirt and grime with ease, particular good on fabric seats when removing water marks and heavy grime. Extremely good on fabric roof linings removing nicotine stains and ingrained dirt. FAB will dissolve dirt on impact and will be ready to wipe away.

FAB is ideal for all interior plastics, again simply spray and wipe to see FAB really shift the dirt and grime! FAB is also perfect for fabric wheel arch liners.

Once all interior plastic surfaces are cleaned with FAB, we recommend you follow up with dressing the surface with Pink Sheen for the best finish possible, from a matt-satin finish.
FAB is the perfect all-round multi-purpose cleaner and is now recognised to be one of the best interior cleaners on the market today!

FAB will also dilute up to 10-1 making this product economical as well as a easy to use and effective product to use.


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