Autobrite Snow Foam Lance & Magifoam Kit



Autobrite Snow Foam Lance & Magifoam Kit

Autobrite Heavy Duty Snow Foam Lance – the best Snow Foam Lance/Snow Foam Cannon on the market! Designed to easily lift away dirt in the prewash process, this no-contact method relies on thick, soapy car foam to remove grime from the surface of a vehicle and leave it primed and ready for cleaning.

Our industry-leading, award-winning and globally loved “Snow Foam Lance” includes 500ml of our equally awesome “Magifoam Pre-Wash Snow Foam”. A match made in car-care heaven to fuel your car Snow Foam addiction!

This ULTIMATE pre-wash & snow foam nozzle will massively reduce the risk of swirls & scratches by removing excess dirt, salt, grease and traffic film before a contact wash. The AD snow foam cannon is highly regarded and very often referred to as the BEST foam lance in the world due to its build quality, durability and performance and many competitors have tried and failed to re-create its unique, exclusive, superior design and build.

A variety of fitment options available
Please State Fittings Required When Ordering .


Product Description

The AD Detailing Bucket, the Dirt Guard along with our Gamma water tight lid are really quite something special and the perfect addition to your Autobrite detailing collection!

Built from high grade, heavy duty Polyethylene plastic along with strong stainless steel handle our new 20 litre Detailing buckets are an essential detailing product to keep those swirl marks at bay with our strong, durable Dirt Guard that sits very nicely at the bottom on the bucket. Our new Gamma Seal water tight lid gives you a tight seal when transporting liquids around and also makes a good seat too!

Your new AD Detailing Bucket Set will stand out from the crowd with the new striking, premium AD logo and also the colour coded lid and guard, our Detailing Bucket Set is the one to have when washing your car on the drive!

Product Features

    • Heavy Duty Design
    • Fitments for vast majority of branded pressure washers
    • Best selling & best quality lance on the market
    • Hand made in Italy, not mass produced in China
    • Includes 500ml of Magifoam – Snow Foam Solution
    • Ideal for enthusiast or professional use.
    • Maximum Pressure up to 180 Bar.
    • Max Temp 60 Degrees
    • Variable, Spray Nozzle for accurate mixing and foam generation.
    • Fully Adjustable dilution with setting dial
    • 1 litre container bottle heavy duty bottle with our stamped AD logo
    • Magifoam offers a very high foaming, superior & safe cleaning action.
    • LSP safe, biodegradable & extremely economical to use.
    • Will dwell on the car’s surface for up to 30 minutes.


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