FERRARI 458 (4.5) (2009-2015) BMC Carbon Racing Air Filter CRF706/01



FERRARI 458 (4.5) (2009-2015) BMC Carbon Racing Air Filter CRF706/01

NOTE: Filter Fits The Following Models (4.5 V8 Challenge/4.5 V8 Italia/4.5 V8 Spider)

Please check with us before ordering if unsure of vehicle fitment

Filter Dimensions: 576mm x 247mm

The CRF, Carbon Racing Filter, is BMC’s new high performance sports air filter designed for road and competition vehicles. It features a 100% carbon fibre support structure with a cotton air filter.
The CRF has been designed and produced entirely by the BMC Racing and Advanced Composite Division, which is wholly concerned with the development of air filters and aspiration systems for the racing world: Formula 1 / MotoGP One / World Superbike. The CRF has been created from extensive BMC knowledge acquired through more than 10 years of experience in the racing sector, which has brought high level results and increased performance to super-sports engines.
The CRF air filter makes use of innovative technical solutions to optimize the flow dynamics of the direct air into the engine. The result is better air flow passage in the intake phase thereby maintaining constant air-box pressure.
The CRF filter was conceived with the objective of withstanding the vibrations and heat produced in movement both in normal road and intensive track use.
The CRF filter, as are all BMC filters, can be regenerated and reused. Once the saturation level has been reached the filter can be regenerated through a process of washing and re-oiling using the appropriate BMC washing kit


BMC air filters are designed and produced to ensure a higher air flow than original paper filters. In F1, for example, BMC cotton filters minimize the loss of air flow pressure passing through the air filter; this ensures the best conditions for full exploitation of maximum power. Therefore the benefits of replacing the original paper filter with BMC cotton air filter, produced using the same technology and materials as the F1 air filters, are evident.

Design and Materials

Qualified engineers using advanced software and expert technicians using the latest technologies produce BMC air filters. An F1 filter must be very light, must be made of the best raw materials and must improve performance. For this reason BMC use only alloy mesh with epoxy coating to ensure protection from petrol fumes and from oxidization due to the humidity of the air. The filtering material is composed of a special cotton gauze soaked with low-viscosity oil to give you the best air permeability.

Advanced Technology

BMC technical staff have developed a particular production system based on soft rubber moulding which produces the familiar BMC red filters. They are made in one single piece with no welded joints in the corners, thus avoiding breaking risks. This system, called “Full Moulding” comes from R&D in F1 and it is significant of BMC air filters’ technical and quality specifics.

Why BMC?

Founded in 1973 as a motorcycle accessories distributor, BMC started producing their own air filters on the back of an enquiry from the Ferrari F1 Team in 1995. Applying knowledge acquired through the development of race products, BMC began producing performance filters for the road. Since 1996 BMC air filters have equipped some of the most prominent Teams in F1 and American Le Mans Series including Ferrari, Toyota, Williams BMW, Prost, Sauber, Minardi, Porsche and Audi, thus demonstrating the high quality of the product.

The BMC range now includes panel sport air filters, conical air filters, direct induction kits and the iconic Carbon Dynamic Airbox. BMC’s primary focus remains product quality with an aim to further enlarge the product range. BMC air filters are designed and produced by Italian Engineers for use in extreme conditions and to achieve the highest level of performance.


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