Autobrite Mini Spoke Wheel Brush



Autobrite Mini Spoke Wheel Brush

Product Description

The AD Mini Wheel Brush is the perfect miniflexible wheel brush to get to those hard to reach areas when cleaning your wheels. It is soft and gentle on your wheels whilst still being very effective at brushing built up grime. No job is too big or small with the AD Mini Wheel Brush.
The soft bristles of the brush & flexible shaft also allow a degree of cleaning to be carried out on all intricate areas of the wheel by gently angling the brush as you clean.
Pair our mini brush & large wheel brush with one of our specialist alloy wheel cleaning products to achieve a flawless result every-time.
  • Full Length – 30cm
  • Handle Length – 13cm
  • Brush Length – 15cm
  • Soft bristles
  • Perfect for your wheel barrels



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